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Metro Accents

A Breath of Modern Simplicity
Launched to diversify Brampton Chase's offerings with a more lightweight flooring, the Metro range specialises in superior clean lines and minimalist designs, boasting a bevel-free finish. Emphasising calming wood patterns and styles, Metro introduces fewer knots, consistent tone variation, and organic colours. This collection is thoughtfully divided into two sub-ranges, each offering distinctive style attributes and a unique palette.

Metro Accents
Within this segment of the Metro range, we've blended the clean line style inherent to the collection with a more traditional plank size. This option caters to customers seeking a classic plank size with a contemporary edge, seamlessly combining timeless elegance with modern sophistication.

Brampton Chase Metro Accents MA81_batcheditor_fotor.png
Brampton Chase Metro Accents MA79_batcheditor_fotor.png
Brampton Chase Metro Accents MA82_batcheditor_fotor.png

Accents Amethyst MA81

Accents Taupe MA79

Accents Scandi MA82

Brampton Chase Metro Accents  MA75_batcheditor_fotor.png
Brampton Chase Metro Accents MA80_batcheditor_fotor.png
Brampton Chase Metro Accents MA77_batcheditor_fotor.png

Accents Caramel MA75

Accents Smoke MA80

Accents Nevada MA77

Brampton Chase Metro Accents MA76_batcheditor_fotor.png
Brampton Chase Metro Accents MA78_batcheditor_fotor.png

Accents Henna MA76

Accents Gainsboro MA78

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